Dermabrasion Mobile, AL

For Improving Skin Texture

In his Mobile, Alabama plastic surgery office, Dr. Randy Proffitt uses dermabrasion techniques to treat common skin ailments by removing dead outer layers of skin. By removing these dull, damaged skin cells, new clean and clear skin cells are revealed. This results in a revitalized appearance, with diminished signs of aging and skin damage.

Most frequently, patients undergo dermabrasion treatments to combat:

  • lines and wrinkles on the face
  • age spots
  • uneven skin texture and tone
  • acne and blemishes
  • undesired tattoos
  • many types of scarring

Who’s the Right Candidate for Dermabrasion?

While similar in some ways to microdermabrasion, dermabrasion is a much stronger treatment that removes a greater amount of outer skin cells for a more dramatic result. As such, patients who undergo dermabrasion treatments should have more severe skin issues than those undergoing more subtle microdermabrasion treatments.

While the post-treatment results can be a beautiful improvement, patients should understand that the recovery time for dermabrasion can be longer than that of microdermabrasion.

The Treatment: How Dermabrasion Works

When ready to begin your dermabrasion treatment, your skin at the treatment site will be carefully cleansed. Using a handpiece with an abrading tool, Dr. Proffitt will go over the surface of your skin. This handpiece will work to slough off and remove the damaged outer layers of skin. The treatment time will generally last less than an hour, based on the size of the area to be treated.

How Will I Look and Feel After Dermabrasion?

As the abrading tool removes outer skin cells to reveal fresh skin, your skin will likely be red and may be slightly swollen after your dermabrasion appointment. You will need to take care to avoid direct and prolonged sun exposure for several days as your skin will be extremely sensitive. Dr. Proffitt may also ask you to apply an ointment to the treatment site, which will help your skin heal.

When your skin has fully healed from the dermabrasion treatment, you will see the full benefits. Your skin should appear smoother, refreshed, younger and with a strong reduction in the skin issues you had before.

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