Latisse Mobile, AL


At-Home Treatment for Longer, Fuller Lashes

Fake eyelashes can be cumbersome to use regularly, so many patients wish they had naturally fuller eyelashes.

That’s why we offer Latisse, an at-home treatment that can actually grow your own eyelashes to be fuller and more beautiful.

By using Latisse, patients are able to realize the lashes they may have thought were impossible. Not only can your lashes be greater in number and fullness, but they can also be longer with Latisse. In clinical trials, 78% of patients experienced significant eyelash growth when using Latisse as directed.

Who’s the Right Candidate for Latisse?

Latisse is an easy treatment that most patients can do in the comfort of their own home. Most patients who suffer from thin or inadequate eyelashes are ideal candidates for Latisse. Too few eyelashes can sometimes be hereditary, but can also be brought on by illness or a host of other factors. Patients who have just a minute or so of their evening to devote to Latisse may see great benefits.

The Treatment: How Latisse Works

Though Latisse is applied at home by the patient, Dr. Proffitt or a member of his office staff may first show you how to apply Latisse at their practice. Using a small applicator, you will brush the solution across the base of your existing lashes nightly before bed. This is all you need to do. After a period of several weeks, you will begin to see the benefits of Latisse treatment.

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Photos Courtesy of Allergan Inc.

How Will I Look and Feel After Latisse?

About two to three months following your first application of Latisse, you will begin to see your lashes growing in longer, fuller and in greater number. Latisse achieves this by prolonging the growth phase of your lashes, helping them to grow for a longer period of time.

After 16 weeks, the full effects of Latisse can be seen. As long as you continue to apply Latisse nightly as directed, the Latisse formula will continue to help you grow more beautiful lashes.

If you struggle with thin, short or not enough eyelashes, we encourage you to join our mailing list to learn about upcoming specials for non-surgical treatments like Latisse in Mobile, Alabama. Plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Proffitt and his accommodating staff are eager to hear from you and help you reach your aesthetic goals.