Scar Revision Mobile, AL

Restoring Mobility to Damaged Skin

Many types of injuries can result in a scar that restricts movement and may also have an unappealing appearance. Mobile, Alabama plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Proffitt offers scar revision surgeries in his practice to remedy these issues. Scar revision procedures are performed to improve mobility of the skin surrounding the scar, and in some cases, may improve the aesthetics of the scar, as well.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Scar Revision?

Patients who struggle with may types of scars may undergo a scar revision procedure. Potential patients should note that scar revision does not remove a scar altogether, but replaces it with one that improves function and should be less noticeable. Depending on the type of scar you exhibit, Dr. Proffitt may employ several different techniques to correct the scar.

Scars may be a result of events such as:

  • Injury
  • Previous Surgery
  • Burns

Scars change over time, so most surgeons recommend taht any scar you wish to have improved should be at least one year old.

The Procedure: How Scar Revision Works

In a fusiform excision procedure, Dr. Proffitt will make an elliptical-shaped incision around your scar and remove the tissue. He will then close the incision with sutures.

For large scars that cannot be excised in one sitting, Dr. Proffitt may perform a procedure similar to the one above, but over the course of two or more treatments.

Local flap revisions are performed when there is enough tissue around the scar to replace it. Sometimes, a Z or W-shaped incision will be made to break up a linear scar.

Raised scars can be treated with a shave excision, in which the scar is shaved down to meet the surface of the skin.

In some cases, Dr. Proffitt may use skin grafting or tissue expansion to repair scars. In skin grafting, excess tissue is moved from a donor site and used to replace the damaged skin. Tissue expansion is a process that takes place over several weeks and helps the body to “grow” skin necessary for many types of reconstructive procedures, like scar revision.

How Will I Look and Feel After Scar Revision?

Following your scar revision procedure, your skin may feel tight and it will be covered with a surgical dressing. Any discomfort you feel may be managed with medication, though smaller scar procedures may be more comfortable. As you begin to heal, your scar will become less apparent and the mobility of the affected area of skin will improve. Over time, the new scar will flatten out and fade.

If you have a scar you wish to repair, we encourage you to contact Mobile plastic surgeon Dr. Proffitt. He and his staff are eager to help you begin this important reconstructive process.

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