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Natural Soft Tissue Augmentation

Fat grafting is a technique for soft tissue augmentation that plastic surgeons have been using for many years. The technique works much like a wrinkle filler, except it uses your own fat cells. For the right patient, fat grafting is a great, long-lasting alternative to injectable fillers like Juvéderm.

Here in Mobile, Dr. Proffitt offers facial fat grafting for patients who want a natural, long-lasting wrinkle correction.

Who’s the Right Candidate for Fat Grafting?

As you age, fatty tissue slowly disappears and volume decreases. To restore a plump, youthful appearance, you need to augment the tissue and restore lost volume. Fat grafting is one of many ways to achieve this.

Dr. Proffitt may recommend fat grafting to treat:

  • Flat or sunken cheeks
  • Hollowness around eyes
  • Depressed scars
  • Facial grooves or furrows
  • Thin Lips

Lip augmentation is one of the most common fat grafting treatments. Dr. Proffitt offers this procedure as a more permanent alternative to lip augmentation with Juvéderm or Restylane.

During fat grafting, Dr. Proffitt can soften facial lines, fill in deep wrinkles or creases, and contour specific areas. Because fat grafting requires liposuction to obtain fatty tissue, a good candidate will have fat stores that can be collected from the thighs, abdomen, buttocks or elsewhere.

Your Fat Grafting Consultation in Mobile

When you visit our cosmetic surgery office in Mobile, Dr. Proffitt can answer your questions about fat grafting. He will also listen to your aesthetic goals, evaluate your skin and then determine if you’re a suitable candidate. You’ll also have the opportunity to view a wide variety of plastic surgery before and after photos.

If fat grafting is not ideal for you, Dr. Proffitt may recommend an alternative such as Juvéderm or Facial Implants.

How Fat Grafting Works

Fat grafting is also called lipoinjection with autologous fat. This term means that fat from your own body is injected in another area.

Fat grafting has two stages. First, fatty tissue is collected with a low-pressure syringe or microcannula. Dr. Proffitt removes the fat from an area of your body that has dense fat cells. After the fat is collected, it will be prepared and then reinjected. Small droplets of fat are injected into areas that are targeted for augmentation.

A sufficient number of fat cells can be collected for fat transfer without making a noticeable impact on the harvest site. After quick purification, the fat can be injected or stored for later use.

In Mobile, plastic surgeon Dr. Proffitt performs facial fat grafting in his office. Patients undergoing fat grafting to the buttocks will have the procedure completed in an outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia. Fat grafting to the buttocks is also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Before and After BBL Surgery in Mobile, AL
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BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift

To learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift, please visit the BBL procedure page.

After Fat Grafting in Mobile, AL

The results of fat grafting are permanent. However, fat injection is a more complex process of soft tissue augmentation. It requires extraction of fat and special knowledge about how that fat is reintegrated in the body. In many cases, the patient’s body will break down and resorb some of the grafted fat.

After surgery, the treated areas are covered with a bandage. It’s common to experience some swelling and bruising after the procedure. When successful, fat grafting can provide a pleasing, natural-looking result that noticeably improves your appearance.

If you are interested in fat grafting in Mobile with board-certified plastic surgeon Randy Proffitt, please contact our Alabama plastic surgery practice today. You can reach our friendly and helpful staff by email, or by calling 251-344-0322 to inquire about an appointment.

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