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A Scaled Back Brow Lift May Be Best in Some Cases

A more conservative brow lift may yield more benefits for some patients than a traditional full brow lift. Using special brow lift techniques, plastic surgeons are able to help a patient appear younger and open an eye area that may suffer from a descending brow. Rather than fully lifting the brow to a higher position, […]

Study Asks, How Long Does Fat Grafting Last?

Patients who struggle with a hollow appearance around their eyes may benefit greatly from fat grafting procedures. A recently published study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery asked, “How long does fat grafting last?” when injected near the eyes. The results were largely positive for many patients. The effects of the treatment are […]

Test Drive Your Natrelle Breast Implants Before Surgery

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with breast implants? These days, women are finding the right look with a Natrelle Pre-Consultation kit. “It comes with these different sized inserts, so you can figure out which look you like,” explains the young lady in this video from Natrelle.? The second half of the […]

Tips to Avoid Lawn Mower Injuries

CHICAGO – As the school year draws to a close, thousands of children across the country will take on a familiar chore: mowing the lawn. June is National Home Safety Month and five national medical organizations are warning Americans that the routine task of lawn mowing can be extremely dangerous to children, the operator, and […]

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