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Breast Lift Mobile

The Breast Lift procedure is performed to rejuvenate the breasts after sagging has set in. Breast sagging is a natural part of life, though some women may find that they experience it sooner or more exaggerated that others due to a variety of factors such as weight loss, weight fluctuation, pregnancy and nursing, having overly […]

Rhinoplasty Mobile


Rhinoplasty Mobile is a procedure that is ideal for candidates whose facial growth is complete, are non-smokers, in good health, and who have a realistic expectation for the procedure and their goal. The Rhinoplasty procedure is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The incision may be made either inside the nose (“closed procedure”) or outside the […]

Body Lift Mobile

Body Lift is a procedure that reduces excess, sagging skin that commonly occurs after a significant weight loss as is often seen in bariatric surgery patients. Both men and women may benefit from a Body Lift which may be customized or paired with other body contouring procedures to meet each individual patient’s goals. We encourage you […]

Facial Implants Mobile

Facial Implants is a procedure to enhance the contours of your face, improve facial harmony and proportion and accentuate your natural features. Facial Implants may enhance the contours of the cheekbones, chin or jawline. Men and women alike seek out Facial Implants to improve a weak chin, undefined jawline, under-pronounced cheekbones or thin lips. Dr. Randy Proffitt has […]

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