According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, rhinoplasty was the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2011.The popularity of nose surgery can be attributed to its ability to improve facial symmetry. Even a very small change can bring a big difference. Moreover,a clinical study published by the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery showed that a nose job can make a person look younger.

The study was done by showing the photos of rhinoplasty patients before and after they had the procedure. Some members of the public were then asked to guess the ages of the patients. Half of the volunteers were shown the before rhinoplasty pictures and the after pictures were shown to the remaining half. One month later, the pictures were switched so volunteers would see the photos that they had not viewed. The result of the study showed that rhinoplasty patients looked a year and a half younger after surgery.

People have unique needs and likewise have their own reasons as to why they need rhinoplasty. Majority of them are concerned with the size or shape of the nose. Aside from improving facial symmetry and looking younger, nose surgery can also:

> improve the shape of the nose
> reduce its size so that it is proportionate to the rest of the facial features
> improve breathing difficulties
> correct birth defects.

Before having a rhinoplasty, it is important to remember that the “ideal” nose does not exist. What looks good on you may not be appropriate for another person. Moreover, the size of the nose can only be judged in relation to other facial features. The procedure aims to bring all your facial features in proportion. In your consultation with Mobile Alabama board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Proffitt, you will have the chance to express your goals and expectations. Dr. Proffitt will also educate you on the risks and benefits of the procedure. To have a better understanding of the expected outcome, you can view before and after photos.

Dr. Proffitt is board-certified in plastic surgery and general surgery. He has more than 20 years of experience in performing cosmetic surgical procedures like rhinoplasty. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Proffitt and find out how you can achieve a more youthful, attractive and natural look through nose surgery.