Breast Reduction is a procedure performed to improve the lives of women who feel their breasts are overly large for their figure. Having overly large breasts is often not just a matter of aesthetic dissatisfaction, but physical pain and discomfort. Women who have very large breasts often deal with neck, shoulder and back pain on a daily basis. Large breasts can make physical activity painful to impossible and can also make finding clothes that fit very difficult. Many women find they feel more self-conscious in public due to the large size of their breasts. Each women who comes in to discuss her Breast Reduction surgery options has her own personal motivations for seeking out the procedure. Dr. Proffitt understands the personal nature of the procedure and works with each patient to find the best procedure plan for them.

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in your body due to overly large breasts and would like to start discussing your options, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Proffitt today. We look forward to helping you feel more comfortable and confident in your body so you can live your best life possible.