Skin Cancer Mobile, AL

Eradicating Cancerous Cells Conservatively

Though the discovery of any cancerous cells can be unsettling for any patient, skin cancer surgery techniques employed by Mobile, Alabama plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Proffitt can remove those cancers. Since his Mobile plastic surgery practice is near the Gulf Coast, Dr. Proffitt has extensive experience treating common forms of skin cancer. By using advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Proffitt is able to carefully remove cancerous cells leaving only healthy, unaffected tissues.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Skin Cancer Surgery?

The types of cancers that Dr. Proffitt operates on are usually basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and melanoma. These are the most prevalent forms of skin cancer. Dr. Proffitt performs these procedures on cancers present on the face, upper extremities and the body. Unlike some other cancer treatments. Dr. Proffitt is able to both remove the cancerous cells and reconstruct the area of skin in the same procedure.

Patients who suffer from advanced forms of cancer, however, may require additional treatments in addition to skin cancer surgery.

The Procedure: How Skin Cancer Surgery Works

When beginning surgery, Dr. Proffitt will mark the site of the cancerous cells and inject a local anesthetic to improve your comfort. Using precise techniques, Dr. Proffitt will then remove the affected tissue.

To close the incision, Dr. Proffitt may need to perform a flap or graft procedure, using adjacent skin to cover the area. This will then be sutured and a surgical dressing will be applied.

How Will I Look and Feel After Skin Cancer Surgery?

After your skin cancer removal surgery, the site may be swollen and you may experience discomfort—Dr. Proffitt will prescribe medication to manage this. Your activity may need to be limited for several days. Based on your individual case, your recovery time and experience can vary.

Even if the cancerous tissues have been removed, that does not guarantee that a recurrence is impossible. You should make sure to complete self-examinations and report any changes or new growths to Dr. Proffitt or your regular doctor.

In many cases, however, patients who undergo surgery for skin cancer in Mobile, Alabama experience a high success rate after surgery. To learn about surgery for skin cancer removal in Mobile, please contact the office of plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Proffitt.

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