Barbara Walters Sits Down with the Queen of Plastic Surgery

During an interview with Barbara Walters last month, Joan Rivers was candid as usual talking about her experience with plastic surgery.

Joan says she has undergone two face lifts, numerous injectable filler treatments, a breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

Her main motivation for doing so is the desire to hear the words : “You look amazing for your age.”

Nothing seems taboo for Joan, especially the quest to look beautiful. “I just want women to know: It’s ok- do it,” she says in the interview.

How to Find a Good Surgeon, According to Joan Rivers

If you’re looking for a good plastic surgeon, ask your hairdresser. Joan suggests that hair dressers have a valuable point-of-view, since they may see the scars from facial procedures. Also: check the doctor’s reputation and make sure he or she has a personable bedside manner.